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All Gaul in Arms, Part 1, 118-228

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silentio (adv.)
unimpeded, free, unobstructed, without baggage, light-armed
expeditus, a , um
send in
intromitto, intromittere, intromisi, intromissus, 3, tr.
in the way, to meet, towards, against
obviam (avd. or prep. + dat.)
equus, -i
go before, proceed
antecedo, antecedere, antecessi, antecessus, 3, tr. and intr.
pertaining to a town
oppidanus, a, um
inhabitant of a town
oppidanus, -i
unbind, unsheathe, draw
destringo, destringere, destrinxi, destrictus, 3, tr.
of cavalry, cavalry (adj.)
equester, equestris, equestre
before, formerly, previously
antea (adv.)
manner, method, kind, measure
modus, -i
lift from beneath, support, assist, lighten
sublevo, 1, tr.
fodder, provender
pabulum, -i
cut, reap
seco, secare, secui, sectus, 1, tr.
necessarily, of necessity, unavoidably
necessario (adv.)
dispersus, a, um
cut down, slay
concido, concidere, concidi, concisus, 3, tr.
res (rei) familiaris (is)
hamlet, village
vicus, -i
quocumque (adv.)
am at hand, am supplied, hold out
suppeto, suppetere, suppetivi, suppetitum, 3, intr.
resources, wealth
opes, opum
value, estimate, regard
aestimo, 1, tr.
conjunx, conjungis
consider, deliberate
delibero, 1, tr.
it pleases, it seems good, it is decided
placet, placēre, placuit, placitum, 2, intr.
lean forward, fall down, lie down
procumbo, procumbere, procubui, procubitum, 3, intr.
beautiful, noble, glorious
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum
almost, nearly, recently
prope (adv.)
ornament, mark of honor
ornamentum, -i
put around, encompass, surround
circumdo, circumdare, circumdedi, circumdatus, 1, tr.
indulgence, favor, pardon
choose, pick out, select
deligo, deligere, delegi, delectus, 3, tr.
urge, encourage
adhortor, 1, tr.
thinnes, poverty
tenuitas, tenuitatis
indiligentia, -ae
am without, am free from, miss, want
careo, 2, intr.
greatness, honor, majesty
majestas, majestatis
pabulor, 1, intr.
in the morning, early
mane (adv.)
carrus, -i
thick, dense
densus, a, um
flee, flee from, run away, escape
profugio, profugere, profugo, profugitum, 3, intr.
matres (matrum) familiae (familiarum)
wep, shed tears, lament
fleo, flēre, flevi, fletum, 2, intr.
weakness, fickleness, inconstancy
infirmitas, infirmitatis
generally, often
plerumque (adv.)
make signs, show, indicate, signify
significo, 1, tr.
seize upon beforehand, take possesion of
praeoccupo, 1, tr.
useless, worthless, disadvantageous
inutilis, e
rather incautiously
custody, guard
custodia -ae
rather sluggishly
vine arbor
vinea, -ae
place of concealment, secret
occultum, -i
at some time, at length, finally
aliquando (adv.)
fruit, profit, reward
fructus, -us
obtain, learn, hear
percipio, percipere, percepi, perceptus, 3, tr.
lie open, is open, is passable, stretch out, extend
pateo, patēre, patui, 2, intr.
in wedge-shape masses
cuneatim (adv.)
anyone, anything
quisquam, quidquam
woman, wife
mulier, mulieris
infans, infantis