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All Gaul in Arms, part 2, 1-71

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knowledge, science, skill
scientia, -ae
unskilled in
imperitus, a, um + gen.
numquam (adv.)
testis, testis (m.)
imprudence, indiscretion
imprudentia, -ae
beyond measure, too great, excessive
nimius, a, um
complaissance, compliance
obsequentia, -ae
the world
orbis (orbis) terrarum
oppose, resist, withstand
obsisto, obsistere, obstiti, obstitum, 3, intr.
unwelcome, displeasing
ingratus, a, um
foresee, care for
provideo, providēre, providi, provisus, 2, tr.
think, decide
censeo, censēre, censui, census, 2, tr.
lessen, impair
minuo, minuere, minui, minutus, 3, tr.
increase, augment, enhance
augeo, augēre, auxin actus, 2, tr.
unaccustomed, not used to
insuetus, a, um
bowman, archer
sagittarius, -i
go to ruin, perish, am lost, am undone
depereo, deperire, deperii, deperotum, irreg., intr.
fill out, fill up, finish
expleo, explēre, explevi, expletus, 2, tr.
break off, break through, destroy
interrrumpo, interrumpere, interrupi, interruptus, 3, tr.
e regione + gen.
that nowhere, lest anywhere
necubi (adv.)
autumnus, -i
am wont, am accustomed
soleo, solēre, solitus sum, 2, intr.
cut away, cut down, break down, destroy
rescindo, rescindere, rescidi, rescissus, 3, tr.
care for, take care of, provide for
curo, 1, tr.
divide in half
dimidio, 1, tr.
stand firm, depend on, am complete, cost
consto, constare, constiti, constatum, 1, intr.
inference, conjecture
conjectura, -ae
pile, stake
sublica, -ae
inferior, inferius
will, desire, good will, consent
voluntas, voluntatis
quintus, a, um
situation, site
situs, -us (m.)
set free, arrange, prepare
expedio, 4, tr.
ordinary, moderate
mediocris, e
interval, distance
intervallum, -i
separatim (adv.)
one by one, single, extraordinary
singularis, e
dreadful, horrible, frightful, hideous
horribilis, e
hold out, offer, furnish
praebeo, 2, tr.
that not, but that
quin (conj.)
try, test, am in danger
preclitor, 1, tr. and intr.
radix, radicis (f.)