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All Gaul in Arms, part 2, 71-167

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excellently, admirably, remarkably, rem
egregie (adv.)
cut around, cut off, isolate
circumcido, circumcidere, circumcidi, circumcisus, 3, tr.
aqua, -ae
getting fodder, foraging
pabulatio, pabulationis
too much
nimis (adv.)
silence, stillness
silentium, -i
twofold, double
duplex, (gen. duplicis)
twelve each
duodeni, ae, a
safely, securely
tuto (adv.)
stir up, instigate
sollicito, 1, tr.
property, wealth, money
pecunia, -ae
youth, young man
adulescens, adulescentis
household, retinue, family
familia, -ae
remember, bear in mind
memini, meminisse
hold apart, divide, isolate
distineo, distinēre, distinui, distentus, 2, tr.
lawful, just, fair, regular
justus, a, um
assign, grant, render
tribuo, tribuere, tribui, tributus, 3, tr.
potius (adv.)
right, justice, law
jus, juris
judge, umpire
disceptator, discepatoris
magistracy, magistrate
magistratus, -us
run before, precede, surpass
praecurro, praecurrere, praecurri, praecursum, 3, intr.
weep, cry
lacrimo, 1, tr.
celebrity, nobility, the nobility
nobilitas, nobilitatis
charge, blame, accuse
insimulo, 1, tr.
betrayal, treason
proditio, proditionis
unsaid, unheard
indictus, a, um
flee from, escape
effugio, effugere, effugi, 3, tr. and intr.
explain, disembark
expono, exponere, exposui, expositus, 3, tr.
hide, keep secret, conceal
occulto, 1, tr.
as if, just as if
quasi (conj.)
or, or rather
an (conj.)
doubt, hesitate
dubito, 1, tr.
wicked, impious
nefarius, a, um
deed, misdeed, outrage, crime
facinus, facinoris (n.)
admit, commit, incur
admitto, admittere, admisi, admissus, 3, tr.
pursue, follow up, avenge
persequor, persequi, persecutus sum, 3, tr.
bandit, robber
latro, latronis
confidence, trust, reliance
fiducia, -ae
immediately, fortwith
continuo (adv.)
lie, falsehood
mendacium, -i
house, home
domus, -us (f.)
equal, like
par (gen. paris)
unequal, ill-matched
dispar (gen. disparis)
by name, expressly
nominatim (adv.)
chief, position, leadership
principatus, -us
struggle, contest
contentio, contentionis
perverse, wrong
pravus, a, um
anxiety, worry, apprehension
sollicitudo, sollicitudinis
especially, particularly
praecipue (adv.)
am indulgent, favor
indulgeo, indulgēre, indulsi, 2, intr.
necessary, requisite, pressing
necessarius, a, um
send into, let into, send against
immitto, immittere, immisi, immissus, 3, tr.
prohibit, exclude, forbid, interdict
interdico, interdicere, interdixi, interdictum, 3, intr.
cheating, deception
fraus, fraudis
stretch, spread out, aim
tendo, tendere, tetendi, tentus, 3, tr.
beg (off)
deprecor, 1, tr.
crebro (adv.)
incessant, constant
assiduus, a, um
completely weary, tire out, exhaust
defatigo, 1, tr.
continuously, constantly, forever
perpetuo (adv.)
sagitta, -ae
device for hurling missiles, artillery
tormentum, -i
departure, withdrawal, absence
discessus, -us
screen, breastwork
pluteus, -i
ortus, -us