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All Gaul in Arms, part 3, lines 1-111

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expectation, reputation, opinion
opinio, opinionis
arm, forearm
bracchium, -i
break in, break open, break, diminish
refringo, refringere, refregi, refractus, 3, tr.
look, appearance, aspect
aspectus, -us
cattle, a herd
pecus, pecoris (n.)
call forth, call out, summon
evoco, 1, tr.
continuous, permanent, whole
perpetuus, a, um
flow into, empty into
influo, influere, influxi, 3, intr.
especially, greatly, exceedingly
magnopere (adv.)
crossing, passage
transitus, -us
wickerwork, fascine
crates, cratium
earth, embankment, mound, rampart
agger, aggeris
place upon, impose on, mount
impono, imponere, imposui, impositus, 3, tr.
newness, strangeness
novitas, novitatis
uprising, disturbance
motus, -us
shut off, cut off
intercludo, intercludere, interclusi, interclusus, 3, tr.
faithless, untrustworthy
infidelis, e
a changing, change
commutatio, commutationis
seek in addition, gain in addition, win, acquire
acquiro, aquirere, acquisivi, acquisitus, 3, tr.
harass, provoke, attack
lacesso, lacessere, lacessivi, lacessitus, 3, tr.
vesper, vesperis
seek for carefully, search for, hunt up
conquiro, conquirere, conquisivi, conquisitus, 3, tr.
skiff, rowboat, canoe
linter, lintris
sound, din
sonitus, -us
remus, -i
bring to land, bring together
appello, appellere, appuli, appulsus, 3, tr.
not suspecting, unaware, off one's guard
inopinans (gen. inopinantis)
arise, spring up, break out
coorior, cooriri, coortus sum, 4, intr.
make a disturbance
tumultuor, 1 intr.
infra (adv.)
go forward, proceed, advance
procedo, procedere, processi, processum, 3, intr.
see, perceive
cerno, cernere, 3, tr.
leading, command
ductus, -us
a running together, attack, onset, collision
concursus, -us
horn (of an army), flank, swing
cornu, -us
septimus, a, um
sinister, sinistra, sinistrum
duodecimus, a, um
thrust, pierce through, transfix
transfigo, transfigere, transfixi, transfixus, 3, tr.
fall down, collapse
concido, concidere, concidi, 3, intr.
back, rear
tergum, -i
mix thoroughtly, mingle
permisceo, permiscēre, permiscui, permixtus, 2, tr.
cover, hide, protect, defend
tego, tegere, texi, tectus, 3, tr.
am strong, am vigorous, am influential
valeo, valēre, valui, valiturus, 2, intr.
rest upon, rely upon, exert one's self, strive, endeavor
nitor, niti, nixus sum, 3, intr.
lay down, give up, station, deposit
depono, deponere, deposui, depositus, 3, tr.
frighten, terrify, alarm
territo, 1, tr.
in great numbers, in crowds
frequens, (gen. frequentis)
vote, ballot
suffragium, -i
why, wherefore
quare (adv.)
neuter, neutra, neutrum