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All Gaul in Arms, part 3, lines 112-219

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forbearance, clemency
indulgentia, -ae
feel the need of, require, desire
requiro, requirere, requisivi, requisitus, 3, tr.
separo, 1, tr.
unwilling, reluctant
invitus, a, um
obey, yield to, am subject to
pareo, parēre, parui, 2, intr.
thereupon, finally
denique (adv.)
satisfied, contented
contentus, a, um
make an attempt upon, try to gain possesion of, attack, try, test, try to win over
tempto, 1, tr.
foot soldier (pl. infantry)
pedes, peditis
eight hundred
octigenti, ae, a
no less, nevertheless
nihilo minus (adv.)
mind, intellect
mens, mentis
settle, become calm
resido, residere, resedi, 3, intr.
place against, oppose
oppono, opponere, opposui, oppositus, 3, tr.
meet, encounter, meet in battle
congredior, congredi, congressus sum, 3, intr.
watch, guard, protect
tueor, teuri, tutus sum, 2, tr.
armor, equipment
armatura, -ae
am useful,benefit
prosum, prodesse, profui, irreng., intr.
make war, carry on war, wage war
bello, 1, intr.
dignity, merit, rank
dignitas, dignitatis
strip, despoil
spolio, 1, tr.
in three parts
tripertito (adv.)
on foot, foot
pedester, pedestris, pedestre
as much as
quantum (adv.)
length, extent, long duration
longitudo, longitudinis
a breaking into, attack
irruptio irruptionis
crowd together
coarto, 1, tr.
maceria, -ae
climb over, board
transcendo, transcendere, transcendi, transcensus, 3, tr. and intr.
call to witness, beseech, entreat
obtestor, 1, tr.
deserve, merit
mereor, 2, tr.
negligent, lax
indiligens, (gen. indiligentis)
perish, die
intereo, interire, interii, interitum, irreg., intr.
endure, hold out
tolero, 1, tr.
punishment, penalty
poena, -ae
cattle, a herd
pecus, pecoris (n.)
drive together, collect, force
compello, compellere, compuli, compulsus, 3, tr.
to each one, individually
viritim (adv.)
frugally, sparingly
parce (adv.)
measure out, distribute
metior, metiri, mensus sum, 4, tr.