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All Gaul in Arms, part 3, lines 220-308

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embrace, enclose
complector, complecti, complexus sum, 3, tr.
equal, like
par (gen. paris)
in opposite, directions, diverse, different
diversus, a, um
exterior, outer
exterior, exterius
not even
ne...quidem (adv.)
go out, march out, make a sortie
egredior, egredi, egressus sum, 3, intr.
bring together, collect
conveho, convehere, convewi, concetus, 3, tr.
set up, place, determine,
statuo, statuere, statui, statutus, 3, tr.
pour together, bring together
confundo, confundere, confudi, confusus, 3, tr.
manage, control
moderor, 1, tr.
separate, keep apart
discerno, discernere, discrevi, discretus, 3, tr.
friendship, hospitality
hospitium, -i
work, exertion, service
opera, -ae
faithful, trustworthy, reliable
fidelis, a
unburdened, free
immunis, e
give back, return, restore
reddo, reddere, reddidi, redditus, 3, tr.
consenso, consensionis
claim, set free, deliver, inflict punishment
vindico, 1, tr.
recline upon, devote one's self to
incumbo, incumbere, incubui, incubitum, 3, intr.
two hundred
ducenti, ae, a
inspect, review
recenseo, recensēre, recensui, recensus, 2, tr.
lively, eager, ready
alacer, alacris, alacre
with two sides, double
anceps (gen. ancipitis)
out of doors, without
foris (adv.)
go beyond, pass by, omit
praetereo, praeterire, praeterii, praeteritus, irreg., tr. and intr.
not knowing, ignorant, not aware
inscius, a, um
diverse, changing, various
varius, a, um
cruelty, harshness
crudelitas, crudelitatis
bring to, bring in, summon, employ, use
adhibeo, 2, tr.
sit back, remain
resideo, residēre, resedi, 2, intr.
that, this
iste, ista, istud
mollita, -ae
for a short time, for a little while
paulisper (adv.)
of one's own accord, voluntarily, spontaneously, without provocation, besides, moreover
ultro (adv.)
bring before, present, offer, confer upon
offero, offerre, obtuli, oblatus, irreg., tr.
patienter (adv.)
besides, except
praeterquam (adv.)
loss, sacrifice
jactura, -ae
of the same blood
consanguineus, a, um
a dead body, corpse
cadaver, cadaveris
fight to the end, struggle fiercely, vie, contend
decerto, 1, tr.
foolishness, folly
stultitia, -ae
imbecillitas, imbecillitatis
postrate, destroy
prosterno, prosternere, prostravi, prostratus, 3, tr.
throw under, make subject, subject
subjicio, subjicere, subjeci, subjectus, 3, tr.
firmness, steadfastness
constantia, -ae
therefore, then
ergo (adv.)
practice, train, exercise
exerceo, 2, tr.
hedge, block up
praesaepio, praesaepire, praesaepsi, praesaeptus, 4, tr.
in no way, by no means, not at all
nequaquam (adv.)
example, precedent
exemplum, -i
descendants, posterity
posteri, posterorum
hand down, betray
prodo, prodere, prodidi, proditus, 3, tr.
envy, hate
invidia, -ae
powerful, influential
potens (gen. potentis)
eternal, everlasting
aeternus, a, um
join to, impose
injungo, injungere, injunxi, injunctus, 3, tr.
at any time, ever
umquam (adv.)
not know, am ignorant, fail to observe, overlook
ignoro, 1, tr.
securis, securis
valetudo, valetudinis
prove, try, test
experior, experiri, expertus sum, 4, tr
go nder, come up to, undergo, endure
subeo, subire, subii, subitus, irreg., tr.
uxor, uxoris
cibus, -i
the main point, sum total, the whole, control
summa, -ae
give over, entrust, permit
permitto, permittere, permisi, permissus, 3, tr.