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All Gaul in Arms, part 3, lines 309-437

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lead away, draw off, withdraw
abduco abducere, abduxi, abductus, 3, tr.
a looking down, view
despectus, -us
congratulation, rejoicing
gratulatio, gratulationis
become acquainted with; in perfect: know
nosco, noscere, novi, notus, 3, tr.
intent, attentive
intentus, a, um
rarus, a, um
throw between, put between, place between
interjicio, interjicere, interjeci, interjectus, 3, tr.
run to help, aid, assit
succurro, succurrere, succurri, succursum, 3, intr.
properly, rightly
recte (adv.)
keep covered, secrete, conceal
celo, 1, tr.
disgrace, dishonor
ignomina, -ae
midday, noon, the south
meridies, meridiei
troop, squadron
turma, -ae
drive forward, rout, dislodge, drive back
propello, propellere, propuli, propulsus, 3, tr.
in like manner, also, just so
item (adv.)
bring together, obtain
colligo, colligere, collegi, collectus, 3, tr.
recover, rally
se colligere
dejected, sad
maestus, a, um
experienced, skilled, familiar with
peritus, a, um
the stars of the Great Bear, the north
septentriones, septentrionum
a going around, circumference, circuit
circuitus, -us
level, flat
campester, campestris, campestre
citadel, fortress
arx, arcis
a long pole
longurius, -i
hook (for pulling down walls)
falx, falcis
bring forth, bring out, produce
profero, proferre, protuli, prolatus, irreg., tr.
run in the way of, meet, happen upon, come to, oppose
occurro, occurrere, occurri, occursum, 3, intr.
it is convenient, it is necessary, it is suitable
convenit, convenire, convenit, 4, intr.
break through, burst through
perfringo, perfringere, perfregi, perfractus, 3, tr.
declivitas, declivitatis
elevation, height, descent
fastigium, -i
weight, influence, importance
momentum, -i
in turn
in vicem
cover up
contego, contegre, contexi, contectus, 3, tr.
sink under, yield
succumbo, succumbere, succubui, succubitum, 3, intr.
fight, contest
dimicatio, dimicationis
interior, inner
interior, interius
steep, abrupt
praeruptus, a, um
fight for, defend, rush out, attack
propugno, 1, intr.
drive off, dislodge
deturbo, 1, tr.
lorica, -ae
set up again, rebuild, renew
restituo, restituere, resitui, restitutus, 3, tr.
go around, march around, traverse
circumeo, circumire, circumii, circumitus, irreg., tr.
fors, fortis
accelero, 1, tr.
color, coloris
vestitus, -us
let fall, give up, neglect
omitto, omittere, omisi, omissus, 3, tr.
suddenly, unexpectedly
repente (adv.)
alive, living
vivus, a, um
continuously, fortwith, immediately
protinus (adv.)
necessity, constraint, need
necessitas, necessitatis
do enough for, give satisfaction, satisfy, make amends
satisfacio, satisfacere, satisfeci, satisfactum, 3, intr.