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A mixture of two or more metals, or a metal mixed with other elements.
Body measurements data.
Batch production
The production method used to make a specific number of identical products
Binding is used to hold sheets of paper together in the form of a book
Something that will decay over time. For example paper and card.
British Standards Institution. It sets standards for the quality ans safety of products.
Designing and maufacturing using a computer.
Carbon footprint
The amount of harmful greenhouse gases produced by manufaturing and using products.
The different parts that are assembled to make a product.
Continuous production
Making large amounts of of produst non-stop.
Legal protection which prvents copying of written, drawn or recorded work.
With a ridged or grooved surface.
Design brief
The instructions that the client gives to the designer about what they want the product to be like.
Design specification
A list of criteria that the product should meet.
Taking a product apart to see how it's made.
Easy and comfortable for people to use.
Ferrous metals and ones that contain iron.
A thin hair like strand. Fibres can be spun into yarns and used to make fabrics. Dietry fibre means a type or carbohydrate found in bran.
Finishes protect a product from dirt and damage and imnproves it's looks.
A finite resource is one that will run out eventually.
Drawing using only a pen or pencil.
Gantt chart
A time to plan that shows how long different tasks will take and the order they need to be done in.
Grams per square meter, the way of showing the weight of paper or board.
Comes from trees with broad leaves (mainly deciduous trees e.g oak) usualy denser and harder that softwood.
A potential danger to humans or the enviornment.
Another word for colour.
International standards organisation. They issue certificates to organisations that meet the international quality standards.
Covered with a layer of another material.
Market pull
When a product is made due to consumer demand.
Market research
Asking the target market with they like/dislike about products to help with your design.
How companies try to sell their products for example advertising, giving out free samples.
Mass production
Used to produce a large number of identical products on a production line.
A practice version of a product that you make during the development stage.
Non-Ferrous metals are the ones that don’t contain iron.
One-off production
Making a single, often unique product.
Orthographic projection
A 2D scale drawing of a 3D object showing the front plan and end veiws.
Legal protection that prevents people copying the design of a new invention.
Perspective drawing
Drawing 3D objects so that things which are further away look smaller.
Product analysis
Examining and dissasembling a current product to get ideas for a new product or design.
A full-size , working, one-off model of a design. A prototype is built to evaluation of the product before manufacturing.
Quality assurance
The system that is set up to make sure that high quality products are produced.