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My office is __________ (cạnh bên) to the receptionist area on the third floor.
The manager had never seen such effective __________ (sự hợp tác) between two groups
In his quiet, corner office, the manager could finally __________ (tập trung) and finish his work.
The new office arrangement is much more __________ (có ích cho) to work than the dark, depressing space the company had before.
If there are no __________ (trở ngại) , the office renovations will be finished this week.
When the weight of the freezing rain broke the telephone lines, the telemarketers' jobs were seriously __________ (cản trở) .
Mr. Peterson __________ (bất lịch sự) disrupted the meeting by asking a lot of irrelevant questions.
The salesperson waited in the busy __________ (tiền sảnh) for the buyer to see him.
moved up
As the employee __________ (tiến lên) the corporate ladder, she never forgot where she started.
open to
What I valued most in my previous supervisor was that she was always __________ (cởi mở với) ideas and suggestions.
The operations manager __________ (đã lựa chọn) for the less expensive office design.
After a great deal of __________ (sự xem xét kĩ lưỡng) , the manager decided that the employee's work had improved considerably.