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Board meetings & Committees-Họp hội đồng quản trị

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The best committee members are those who __________ (tuân theo) the time limits and speak only when they have something important to add.
The board was able to cover fifteen items on the __________ (chương trình nghị sự) .
brought up
Just as the meeting was about to finish, the manager __________ (giới thiệu một chủ đề) a controversial issue.
The committee members __________ (kết thúc) the meeting early so that they could finish their budgets.
After long discussions, the board has __________ (đi đến kết luận là) that the project has to be canceled.
go ahead
Five of the six members felt that they should __________ (tiếp tục) with the plan.
go ahead
The manager was just waiting for the __________ (sự cho phép) from her boss before mailing the report.
Employees are expected to analyze and evaluate their annual __________ (những mục tiêu).
The report was so __________ (dài dòng) that members had to take it home and read it over the weekend.
If there are no other __________ (vấn đề) to discuss, we will conclude the meeting.
The group tried to meet __________ (định kì) .
Since the remaining issues were not a __________ (ưu tiên) , the group decided to move them to the next week's agenda.
The executive committee asked each group to present a report showing their __________ (sự tiến bộ) for the year.
The meeting wasn't a __________ (sự lãng phí) of time, but the members had hoped to accomplish more than they did.