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Quality Control-Quản lý chất lượng

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Consumers often buy highly advertised __________ (những thương hiệu) of athletic shoes.
conform to
The quality control manager insisted that every product that left the plant __________ (phù hợp tiêu chuẩn) the company's rigorous standards.
One way to sell a product with a __________ (khiếm khuyết) is by labeling it as such and reducing the price.
The reason behind quality control is to __________ (nâng cao) the company's reputation for superior products.
Every __________ (hàng quần áo) must be carefully inspected for defects before it is shipped.
A quality control agent who does not __________ (kiểm tra) every product carefully can ruin his company's reputation.
Dora always hires good workers because she is very __________ (mẫn cảm) about people's abilities.
Umbrellas that do not __________ (đẩy đi xa) water should never be passed through quality control.
Faulty products __________ (khiến cho bỏ đi) repeat customers.
taken back
Good quality control significantly limits the number of products __________ (bị trả lại) for a refund.
throw out
The factory decided to __________ (vứt bỏ) hundreds of lightbulbs that might have been damaged, rather than lose customers.
The products are checked to make sure they are __________ (đồng nhất) packaged
A __________ (nếp nhăn) that is ironed into a permanent-press product will annoy the consumer each time the garment is worn.