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Renting and Leasing-Thuê và cho thuê

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Most new home buyers are __________(sợ hãi, lo sợ) about their decision.
Under the current economic __________ (hoàn cảnh, tình huống) , they will not be able to purchase the property.
Except for some minor repairs, the building is in very good __________ (tình trạng) .
There are certain __________ (điều kiện) that are unique to leasing a property.
Due to
__________ (Bởi vì) the low interest rates, good office space is difficult to find.
No one is very comfortable making a large investment while the currency values __________ (dao động) almost daily.
get out of
The agent wasn't sure if the executives could __________ (thoát khỏi) their prior real estate arrangement.
If the economy is an accurate __________ (chỉ số, dấu hiệu đo lường), rental prices will increase rapidly in the next six months.
With the __________ (hợp đồng cho thuê) expiring next year, they need to start looking for a new location as soon as possible.
locked into
The company __________ (đã ràng buộc) itself ___ a ten-year lease that they didn't want.
Tenants are usually allowed to __________ (sống, làm việc) their space beginning on the first day of the month.
You could arrange the lease with an __________ (lựa chọn) to buy after a certain amount of time.
subject to
This contract is __________ (phụ thuộc vào) all the laws and regulations of the state.