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Ordering Lunch-Đặt bữa trưa

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The secretary usually takes on the __________ (a responsibility; something that is carried) of ordering lunch for business meetings.
The people who work in this building __________ (usually, habitually) order their lunch from the sandwich shop on the first floor.
The caterer hired a courier to make the __________ (phân phát, giao chuyển) .
The __________ (sự trang nhã, thanh lịch) of the restaurant made it a pleasant place to eat.
fell to
The task of preparing the meal __________ (giảm xuống) to the assistant chef when the chief chef was ill.
I was __________ (ấn tượng) with how quickly they delivered our lunch.
We had the delivery man mark the contents of each __________ (cá nhân;riêng lẻ) order.
The office manager compiled a __________ (danh sách) of everyone's order.
The delivery person was not able to keep track of the __________ (đa, nhiều) order, causing a food mix-up.
This restaurant delivers only pizza and sandwiches, so that certainly __________ (thu hẹp) down the choices.
picks up
The delivery man __________ (đón, nhận) lunch orders on his motor scooter.
We will __________ (thanh toán) the bill with the cashier.