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Office Procedures-Thủ tục lễ nghi

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In __________ (sự đánh giá) for your hard work, we are giving you a top-priority project.
We __________ (đánh giá) the time that you have put into this project, but we need to see more positive results.
The programmer spent three days searching for the bug in his __________ (mã lập trình) .
As a matter of company policy, we try to __________ (đặt ai vào tình thế) all managers to the challenging work of telephone sales through hands-on experience.
He was surprised at the difference in office __________ (thói quen, tập quán) from one local office to another.
We need a __________ (thiết thực) solution to this common problem.
The practical training will __________ (củng cố) the theoretical studies.
If __________ (sự củng cố) is needed, you have the support of the executive committee.
No employees should be __________ (bằng lời nói) reprimanded in front of their peers.
e Well-established procedures are often difficult to __________ (phát biểu thành lời) .
Making a complaint is quite a simple __________ (thủ tục) .
bring in
The company wanted to __________ (thuê, tuyển dụng) a new team of project planners.
On Fridays, most employees dress __________ (bình thường, không cầu kì) .
dress code
Even the most traditional companies are changing their __________ (qui tắc trang phục) to something less formal.
made of
People say that the negotiator has nerves __________ (bao gồm, hình thành từ) steel.
out of
Orders should be placed before you run __________ (hết, cạn) the supplies
The purpose of the seminar is to have employees identify __________ (lỗi thời, không còn sử dụng) methods and procedures.
The secretary caught a __________ (cái nhìn thoáng qua) of her new boss as she was leaving the office.