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Greetings and Leave takings on the Street

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Maayong buntag/hapon/gabi-i.
Good morning/afternoon/evening.
Maayong buntag sab/pod.
Good morning, too.
Asa ka paingon?/Asa ka?
Where are you going?
Diha lang/ra.
Just there.
Moadto ko sa inyong lugar/lugar ninyo.
I am going to your place.
Moadto ko sa merkado/tabu-an.
I am going to the market.
Diin ka gikan?/Diin ka?
Where have you been?
Kanus-a ka miabot/niabot?
When did you arrive?
Kumusta ka?
How are you?
Maayo, ikaw?
I am fine. And you?
Maayo sab/pod/gihapon.
Fine, too /also.