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Gutom /Gigutom ko.
I'm hungry now.
Mikaon ka na?/Mikaon na ka?
Have you eaten yet?
Oo, kaganiha lang.
Yes, sometime ago.
Mokaon na ba ta karon?
Are we going to eat now?
Mangaon ta.
Let's eat.
Dali, mangaon ta.
Come join us.
Andam na ang lamisa./Andam na ang pagkaon.
The table is set./Food is ready.
Gusto nimo ang _________?
Do you like ______?
Palihog ko'g dunol sa ___________.
Please pass the ________.
Lami ang pagkaon.
The food is delicious.
Palihog kuha pa/kuha lang.
Please take some more.
Ganado ko.
I have good appetite.
Wala koy gana.
I don't have any appetite.
Unsay atong pamahaw/paniudto/panihapon?
What do we have for breakfast/lunch/dinner?
Tapos na tag kaon.
We are through eating.
Busog na 'ko.
I am full.
Sakto na, salamat.
That's enough, thank you.
Maayong pagkaon kadto.
That was a good meal!