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Making a telephone call

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Maayong buntag/hapon/gabi-i.
Good morning/afternoon/evening.
Puwedeng makigsulti ni________.
Can I speak to __________?
Kinsa 'ni, palihog?
Who's on the line, please?
Kadiyot lang/Hulat ug kadiyot.
Hold on./Wait a minute.
Naa ba si Mr./Miss _________?
Is Mr./Miss _______around?
Wala siya diri karon.
No, he/she is not around.
Miadto siya sa __________.
He/She went to ____________.
Kanus-a siya mobalik?
When is he/she coming back?
Unsang orasa siya mobalik?
What time is he/she coming back?
Palihog sultihi nga mitawag si ______.
Please tell him/her that _____ called.
Thank you.
Way sapayan.
You are welcome.