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Lending and Borrowing

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Naa kay ___________?
Do you have a ____________?
Pahuwana ko, puwede?
May I borrow it?
Of course.
Kanus-a man nimi iuli?
When do you think you can return it?
Mauli ba nimo unyang /karong gabi-i?
Can you return it tonight?
Dili nako ikapanhuwam nimo ang kay ________ akong gamiton.
I can't lend you my _______ because I'm going to use it.
Ampingi baya na.
Please take care of it.
Puwedeng huwamon ko ni hangtud unyang gabi-i?
May I borrow it until tonight?
Wala ko ana.
I don't have it.
Gihuwaman ni ____________.
It was borrowed by ______.