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Unsang orasa na?/Unsa nang orasa?
What time is it?
Alas diyes na.
It's ten o'clock.
Ala una y media sa hapon.
It's 1:30 P.M.
Unsang adlawa karon? /Unsa rong adlawa?
What day is today?
Lunes karon.
Today is Monday.
Martes ugma.
Tomorrow is Tuesday.
Dominggo kahapon.
Yesterday was Sunday.
Unsang petsaha sa Biyernes?
What date is Friday?
Kanus-a ang adlaw nimo?
When is your birthday?
Ting-meryenda na.
It's time for merienda.
Kanus-a ka molarga?
When are you leaving?
Kanus-a ka mobalik?
When are you coming back?