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It's warm.
It's cold.
It's windy.
Murag moulan/mouwan.
It looks like it's going to rain.
Kakusog sa ulan/uwan.
It's raining hard.
Murag bagyuhon.
It looks like a typhoon might be coming.
Daghang kahoy nga naigo sa kilat.
A lot of trees were hit by the lightning.
Daghang tawong nangamatay sa linog.
A lot of people died during the earthquake.
It's drizzling.
Nag-ulan ug kusog kahapon.
It rained very hard yesterday.
Malapok ang karsada kay ting-uwan na.
The road is muddy because it's rainy season already.
Alimuot kaayo kay ting-init na.
It's very hot because it's dry season already.
Alimuot kaayo sa ting-init.
It's really very hot in the summertime.