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Anybody home?
Maayong buntag/hapon/gabi-i.
Good morning /afternoon /evening.
Uy, ikaw diay.
Oh, it's you.
Dayon/Saka/Sulod ngari.
Come on up./Come in.
Puwedeng mosulod/modayon?
May I come in?
Lingkod, palihog.
Please be seated.
Unsa may ato?/Unsay ato?
Is there anything I can do for you?
Moinom ka ba?/Inom ta.
Would you care for a drink?
Moadto na ko.
I'm leaving now.
Mopauli na ko.
I'm going home now.
Ngitngit na. /Gabi na.
It's getting late (at night).
Tana/Adto na ta.
Let's go.
Mag-una ko (nimo).
I'll go ahead.
Magkita na lang ta ug/ta'g usab.
See you next time.
Balik-balik (lang).
Come again.
Daghang salamat./Salamat kaayo.
Thank you very much.