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Asking Peers for Biographical Information

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Unsay ngalan mo/imong ngalan?
What's your name?
Pilayedad mo/imong edad?
How old are you?
Taga-diin ka?
Where are you from?
Asa/Diin sa Amerika?
Where in the U.S.?
Diin ka nagpuyo dinhi?
Where do you live here?
Minyo ka na/na ka?
Are you married?
Kinsa ang imong mga ginikanan?
Who are your parents?
Buhi pa ba ang imong mga ginikanan?
Are your parents still alive?
Pila igsoon nimo nga lalaki ug babaye?/ Pilay igsoon mong lalaki ug babaye?
How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Igsoon/tatay mo ba siya?
Is he your brother /father?
Igsoon/nanay mo ba siya?
Is she your sister/mother?
Unsay imong trabaho/trabaho nimo?
What's your job?