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Shopping at a Department Store

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Tagpila kini/'ni?
How much is this?
Wala na bay hangyo?
Are your prices fixed?
Modawat mo ug tseke?
Do you accept checks?
Puwedeng makapili/mopili?
Can I choose?
Patan-awako ana./Tan-awan ko 'na?
May I see that?
Puwedeng isukod?/Pasukod/Solayi?
Can I try it on?
Hugot-hugot ug gamay/diyutay.
It's a little bit tight.
Daku-daku ug gamay/diyutay.
It's a little bit big.
Sakto kini/'ni nako./Sakto nako.
It fits me.
Mokulo/Moku ba ni ug malabhan?
Does it shrink when washed?
Pila ka yarda ang kuhaon mo?
How many yards will you get?
Pusta palihog/Putosa palihog.
Please wrap it.