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Level 4 Lesson 15 / any / 아무 Part 2

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just anytime, anytime
아무때나 오세요.
Just come anytime.
한국에 아무때나 오세요.
You can come to Korea anytime.
아무 말도
no word, no mention
아무 말도 안 했죠?
You didn’t tell them anything (no words), right?
아무 말도 하지 마세요.
Don't tell them him anything. / Don't say anything.
아무 말도 안 했어요.
She didn't say anything.
아무렇지도 않다
to be alright, to be okay, to be unaffected by
저는 아무렇지도 않아요.
I'm okay. (unaffected by anything)
to nobody
아무한테도 주지 마세요.
Don’t give it to anybody.
just in any way, however you like it
아무렇게나 해도 돼요.
You can do it whatever way you want.
아무렇게나 하지 마세요.
Don't just do it whatever way you want.
아무 소식도 없어요.
There is no news (from them).
아무 맛도 없어요.
It is tasteless.
아무것도 아니에요.
It’s nothing.