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to read
to invite
to send
future tense noun group for the verb "to read"
Future tense noun group for the verb "to invite"
future tense noun group for the verb "to send"
읽을 책
a book that (someone) will read, a book to read
초대할 사람
a person that (someone) will invite, a person to invite
보낼 편지
a letter that (someone) will send, a letter to send
먹을 것
something to eat
탈 것
something to ride = vehicle
마실 것
something to drink
입을 것
something to wear
살 것
something to buy
할 일
work to do / work that I will do
내일 할 일이 많아요.
There is a lot of stuff that I will do tomorrow.
할 이야기
something to say / a story i will tell
지금은 할 이야기가 없어요.
For now, there is nothing I will say.
냉장고에 먹을 것이 전혀 없어요.
In the refrigerator, there isn’t any food (something to eat) at all.
집에 읽을 책이 진짜 많아요.
At my house there are lots (really a lot) of books to read.
먹을 거 있어요?
Is there something to eat?