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나 보다
added to action verbs to mean “to guess ...” or “to assume ...”
하나 봐요
I guess they do ...
오나 봐요
I guess they come ...
(으)ᄂ가 보다
used with descriptive verbs to mean “I guess ...” or “I assume ...”
예쁜가 보다
to guess it’s pretty ...
비싼가 보다
to guess it’s expensive ...
작은가 보다
to guess it’s small ...
큰가 보다
to guess it's big...
작나 보다
to guess it's small
매운가 보다
to guess it's spicy
맵나 보다
to guess it's spicy
어렵나 보다
to guess it's difficult.
아픈가 봐요.
I guess she/he is sick.
아팠나 봐요
I guess she/he was sick.
재미있나 봐요
I guess it is fun.
재미없나 봐요
I guess it's not interesting.
벌써 했나 봐요
I guess they already did it.
벌써 끝냈나 봐요.
I guess they've already finished it.
재미있었나 봐요
I guess it was fun.
맛있나 봐요
I guess it's delicious.
맛있었나 봐요
I guess it was delicious.
학생이 많아요.
There are a lot of students.
학생이 많은가 봐요.
I guess there are a lot of students.
학생이 많았나 봐요.
I guess there were a lot of students.
요즘 바빠요.
(He's) busy these days.
요즘 바쁜가 봐요.
I guess (he’s) busy these days.
바빴나 봐요.
I guess he was busy
아이들이 졸려요.
The kids are sleepy.
아이들이 졸린가 봐요.
I guess the kids are sleepy.
That's right.
그런가 봐요.
I guess so.
그랬나 봐요
I guess it was so.
이쪽이 더 빨라요.
This way is faster.
이쪽이 더 빠른가 봐요.
I guess this way is faster.