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Level 5 Lesson 8 / It is about to …, I am planning

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할 거예요
I’m going to do / I will do
I’m going to do...
I want to do / I’m going to do (showing determined intention)
(으)려고 하다
Verb ending used when: 1) someone is about to do something or wants/tries to do something 2) something looks like it is about to happen
하려고 하다
to be about to do, to be intending on doing, to be planning to do
가려고 하다
to be about to go, to be intending on going, to be planning to go
먹으려고 하다
to be about to/ planning to eat, to be intending on eating
잡으려고 하다
to be about to catch, to be intending on catching, to be planning to catch
사려고 하다
to be about to buy, to be intending on buying, to be planning to buy
사려고 했어요
I was going to buy it.
사려고 하는데...
I am thinking of buying it and/but....
사려고 하는데...
I am thinking of buying it and/but....
사려고 했는데...
I was thinking about buying it but...
사려고 하는 사람
someone who is planning to buy it
to drop, to fall
떨어지려고 하다
to be about to drop, to be going to drop
떨어질 것 같아요
It looks like it's about to fall
비가 오려고 해요.
It looks like it’s going to rain.
비가 오려고 하는데...
It looks like it's going to rain and...
비가 오려고 했는데...
It looked like it was going to rain but...
비가 올 거예요.
It is going to rain. (You know this for a fact.)
비가 오려고 해요
It is about to rain, judging from what I see.
비가 올 것 같아요.
I think it will rain.
꽃이 피려고 해요.
The flower is about to bloom.
어제 친구 만나려고 했는데, 못 만났어요.
I was planning to meet a friend yesterday, but I couldn’t meet her.
외국에서 공부하려고 하는 학생
A student planning to / wanting to study abroad.
외국에서 공부하려고 하는 학생들이 많아요.
There are many students who are planning to study abroad.
카메라 사려고 하는데, 뭐가 좋아요?
I’m planning to buy a camera... which one is good?
친구가 울려고 해요.
My friend is going to cry. / My friend is about to cry.
친구가 이사하려고 해요.
My friend is planning to / going to / wants to move.
to melt
녹을 거예요.
It's going to melt.
아이스크림이 녹으려고 해요.
The ice cream is about to melt.