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Level 5 Lesson 11 / Sentence Building Drill #3

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이 중에서
among these
저 중에서
among those
이 사람들 중에서
among these people
이 책들 중에서
among these books
친구들 중에서
among my friends
이 중에서 고르세요.
Choose among these.
이 중에서 뭐가 제일 좋아요?
What’s your favourite among these?
이 중에서 뭐가 제일 싫어요?
What is your least favourite among these?
이 중에서 하나만 고르세요.
Pick just one out of these.
아무거나 고르세요.
Pick anything.
아무거나 주세요.
Give me anything.
아무거나 괜찮아요.
Anything is fine.
아무나 괜찮아요.
Anyone is okay.
아무거나 골라도 돼요?
Can I pick anything?
아무거나 사도 돼요?
Is it okay to buy anything?
아무거나 입어도 돼요?
Is it okay to wear whatever I want?
아무거나 써도 돼요?
Can I write just anything?
이 중에서 아무거나 골라도 돼요?
Among these, can I pick just any one?
너무 피곤해요
I am so tired.
너무 이상해요.
It’s so strange.
너무 비싸요.
It’s too expensive.
너무 웃겨요.
It’s/ you're so funny.
피곤해서 집에 갔어요.
I was tired so I went home.
피곤해서 안 갔어요.
I was tired so I didn’t go.
피곤해서 일찍 잤어요.
I was tired so I went to bed early.
집에 가자마자 잠들었어요.
As soon as I went home, I fell asleep.
집에 도착하자마자 다시 나왔어요.
As soon as I arrived home, I came outside again.
소식을 듣자마자 전화를 했어요.
As soon as I heard the news, I called.
전화를 받자마자 나왔어요.
As soon as I got the phone call, I came out.
아무것도 못 했어요.
I couldn’t do anything.
아무것도 못 먹었어요.
I couldn’t eat anything.
하루 종일 아무것도 못 먹었어요.
I couldn't eat anything all day long.
아무도 못 만났어요.
I couldn’t meet anybody.
아무데도 못 갔어요.
I couldn’t go anywhere.
아무것도 못 하고 바로 잠들었어요.
I couldn’t do anything and just fell straight asleep.
아무것도 못 보고 나왔어요.
I couldn’t see anything and came out.
아무것도 못 사고 돌아왔어요.
I couldn’t buy anything and came back.
어제 너무 피곤해서 집에 가자마자 아무것도 못 하고 􏰁바로 잠들었어요.
Yesterday I was so tired so as soon as I got home, I couldn’t do anything and just fell asleep right away.
날씨가 더워요.
The weather is hot.
날씨가 추워요.
The weather is cold.
날씨가 좋아요.
The weather is good.
날씨가 흐려요.
The weather's cloudy.
더워서 사람들이 안 왔어요.
It’s hot so people didn’t come.
바빠서 사람들이 안 왔어요.
People were busy so they didn’t come.
늦어서 사람들이 돌아갔어요.
It’s late so people went back.
비싸서 사람들이 안 샀어요.
It’s expensive so people didn’t buy it.
사람들이 별로 안 왔어요.
Not so many people came.
별로 안 예뻐요.
It’s not so pretty.
별로 마음에 안 들어요.
I don’t particularly like it.
별로 안 어려워요.
It’s not too difficult.
사람들이 안 온 것 같아요.
I think people didn’t come.
사람들이 벌써 도착한 것 같아요.
I think people already arrived here.
친구들이 온 것 같아요.
I think my friends are here.
날씨가 더워서 사람들이 별로 안 온 것 같아요.
I think not so many people came because the weather is hot.