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Level 5 Lesson 14 / -(으)니까, -(으)니 / Since, Because

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verb ending that is used when the verb before is the reason for another action or the basis of a judgement
지금 바쁘니까 나중에 전화 해주세요.
I am busy now so call me later.
지금 피곤하니까 우리 영화 내일 봐요.
I am tired now so let’s watch the movie tomorrow.
와 줘서 고마워요.
"Thank you for coming."
말해 줘서 고마워요.
Thank you for telling me.
도와 줘서 고마워요.
Thank you for helping me.
어제 아파서 못 왔어요.
I was sick yesterday so I couldn’t come.
Because it is delicious.
괜찮아요. 아까 봤으니까.
It is okay. (Because) I already saw it earlier.
더우니까 에어컨 켤까요?
It’s hot, so shall we turn on the airconditioner?
더워서 에어컨 켰어요.
It was hot so I turned on the airconditioner.
저 지금 바빠서 나중에 전화할게요
I'm busy now so I'll call you later.
냉장고에 불고기 있으니까 먹어.
There is some bulgogi in the refrigerator so eat it.
냉장고에 불고기 있어서 먹었어요.
There was some bulgogi in the refrigerator so I ate it.
내일 일요일이니까 내일 하세요.
Tomorrow is Sunday so do it tomorrow.
내일 일요일이어서 일 안 할 거예요.
Tomorrow is Sunday so I am not going to work.