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ending added to mean: something is suggested but is not the best out of all choices
this (not the best choice but we know it's better than nothing)
I/ me (if there's no one better than me pick me at least...)
coffee (it might not be the best option but it's better than nothing)
ending added to mean: any choice is fine
어디라도 좋아요
anywhere is good
언제라도 좋아요?
whenever is fine?
ending added to: emphasize the number or quantity and add the meaning of “even”
even just one day
even just a short while
일 달러라도
even just one Dollar
ending added to: show suspicion about a certain possibility
혹시 감기라도 걸렸어요?
Perhaps/ by any chance did you catch a cold?
그거라도 주세요.
Give me that (if you don’t have anything better/else).
과자라도 먹을래요?
I don’t have any better food, but would you like some snack (at least)?
내일 영화라도 볼래요?
Maybe we can watch a movie or something tomorrow?
이렇게라도 해야 돼요.
I should at least do this. / This should at least prevent further trouble.
저는 언제라도 갈 수 있어요.
I can go anytime.
뭐라도 마셔요
Drink something (at least something)
하루라도 빨리 끝내야 돼요.
I need to finish it quickly... even one day sooner would make a lot of difference.
사고라도 났어요?
You had an accident or what? / By any chance, did you have an accident?