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ending added to nouns and then followed by a verb to quote/ say that something is a NOUN
ending added to verbs to quote or say someone does something
간다고 말하다
to say that someone is going, to say that someone will go
본다고 말하다
to say that someone sees something/ to say that someone is going to see something
본다고 말했어요?
Did you tell them that you would look at it?
좋다고 말하다
to say that something is good
크다고 말하다
to say that something is big
온다고 듣다
to hear that something/someone is coming
먹는다고 듣다
to hear that someone is eating something
비싸다고 듣다
to hear that something is expensive
맛있다고 듣다
to hear that something is delicious
뭐라고 했어요?
What did you say?
전화 온다고 했어요.
I said that your phone is ringing.
그 사람이 내일 온다고 해요.
He (that person) says that he will come tomorrow.
그 사람이 언제 온다고 했어요?
When did he (that person) say he would come?
그 사람이 이거 뭐라고 했어요?
What did he say this was?
한국은 겨울에 정말 춥다고 들었어요.
I heard that it’s very cold in winter in Korea.
여기에 뭐라고 써야 돼요?
What should I write here?
Talk To Me In Korean이 좋다고 쓰세요.
Write that Talk To Me In Korean is good.
현우 선생님이 재미없다고 쓰세요
Write that Hyunwoo teacher is not fun.
저도 간다고 말해 주세요.
Please tell them that I am going to go, too.
이거 재미있다고 들었어요.
I heard that this is fun.
TTMIK이 재미있다는 이야기를 들었어요.
I heard (a story that) someone (was) saying that TTMIK is fun.
저도 간다는 메시지를 남겼어요.
I left a message saying that that I would go too.
한국어를 공부한다는 내용이에요.
It’s a story/content that (someone) is studying Korean.
경은 씨가 제주도에 간다는 이야기를 들었어요.
I heard a story that someone was saying that 경은 was going to Jeju Island.
지금 간다는 사람이 없어요.
There is no one that says that they will go, now.