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Level 5 Lesson 24 / Not A But B, Don’t do THIS but

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가지 마세요.
Don't go.
하지 마세요.
Don't do it.
방해하지 마세요.
Don't interrupt me.
When you want to say “not A but B” with nouns, you just need to use this word between them.
A 말고 B
not A but B
우유 말고 커피 주세요.
Give me NOT milk BUT coffee. / Give me coffee, NOT milk.
이거 말고 저거 살게요.
Not this one, but that one over there, I will buy it.
걱정하지 말고 그냥 해 봐요.
Don’t worry and just give it a try.
A-지 말고 B
don’t do A but/and do B (with verbs)
늦지 말고 일찍 오세요.
Don’t be late and come early.
전화하지 말고 문자 메시지 보내 주세요.
Don’t call me but send me a text message.
저 기다리지 말고 먼저 가도 돼요.
Don’t wait for me. You can go first. / You can go first without waiting for me.
cold / cool (to the touch)
hot (boiling) to the touch
차가운 물에 넣지 마세요.
Don't put it in cold water.
차가운 물에 넣지 말고 뜨거운 물에 넣으세요.
Don’t put it in cold water but put it in hot water.
내일은 여기 말고 다른 곳에서 만날 거예요.
Tomorrow, we are going to meet NOT here BUT in a different place. / Tomorrow we are going to meet at a different place instead of here.
지금 사지 말고 조금만 기다리세요.
Don’t buy it now and wait just a little while.