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Level 5 Lesson 25 / Compared to, Relatively / -에 비

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-ᄂ/은/는 편이다
“rather / somewhat / tend to be + adjective", "on the adjective + side"
It's small.
작은 편이에요.
It’s rather small.
It's big
큰 편이에요
It’s on the bigger side.
It’s expensive.
비싼 편이에요.
It’s rather expensive.
피아노를 잘 치다
to play the piano well
피아노를 잘 치는 편이에요.
I play the piano rather well.
저보다 바쁜 편이에요
He/ she is rather busier than me
이것보다 커요
It's bigger than this one.
이것보다 큰 편이에요
It's somewhat bigger than this one.
to compare
-에 비해서
expression meaning "compared to (something)" / "as opposed to something"
지난주에 비해서
Compared to last week
지난주에 비해서 바쁜 편이에요.
We are somewhat busier compared to last week.
지난주보다 바쁜 편이에요.
(We) are somewhat busier than last week.
한국어에 비해서
Compared to Korean
한국어에 비해서 일본어는 발음이 쉬운 편이에요.
Compared to Korean, Japanese tends to have an easier pronunciation.
에 비하면
expression meaning “if you compare it to (something)."...
저에 비하면 잘하는 편이에요.
If you compare to me, you are pretty good at it.
저에 비해서 잘하는 편이에요.
Compared to me, you are pretty good at it.
여기는 다른 곳에 비해서 조용한 편이에요.
This place is, compared to other places, pretty quite.
그래도 버스에 비해서 지하철이 빠른 편이에요.
But still, compared to the bus, the subway is faster.
저도 여기 자주 오는 편이에요.
I come here quite frequently, too.