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무슨 말이에요?
What do you mean?
카메라 팔 거예요.
I’m going to sell my camera.
무슨 말이에요? 카메라도 없잖아요.
What do you mean? You don’t even have a camera!
무슨 소리예요?
same as "무슨 말이에요?" but it is less formal and less polite
honorific version of 말
무슨 말씀이세요?
What do you mean?
무슨 뜻이에요?
What is the meaning?
네? 그게 무슨 말이에요?
Huh? What does THAT mean?
갑자기 무슨 말이에요?
All of a sudden, what are you talking about?
그만둘 거라고요? 갑자기 무슨 말이에요?
You say you're going to quit? What do you mean all of a sudden?
무슨 말이에요? 제가 왜요?
What do you mean? Why me?
무슨 말인지 잘 모르겠어요.
I’m not sure what you mean.
무슨 말인지 알겠어요.
I know what you mean.