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Level 6 Lesson 16 / -겠- (suffix)

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Suffix used to ask someone’s intention, to express what you are going to do, to talk about something that will happen, to show your assumption about something, or to talk about possibilities or capabilities.
I'll see you later (go and come back)
Would you like to go?
어디로 가시겠어요?
Where would you like to go?
제가 하겠습니다.
I’ll do it.
말하지 않겠습니다.
I won’t tell you. / I'll never tell anyone
That must hurt.
이게 좋겠어요.
I think this will be good
(I think) You’ll be late.
혼자서도 되겠어요?
"Do you think you could handle it (even) on your own?"
저도 들어가겠네요.
"Even I would (be able to) fit in."
잘 먹겠습니다.
I am going to eat well. (fixed expression)
I got it. I understand.
I don’t get it. / I don’t know./ I am not sure.
힘들어 죽겠어요.
I’m so tired (exhausted). This is so tough.
졸려 죽겠어요.
I'm sleepy to death.
배고파 죽겠어요
I'm dying from hunger. (I'm so hungry)
피곤해 죽겠어요.
I'm dead tired.