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Level 6 Lesson 25 / Easy/difficult to + V / -기 쉽다/

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-기 쉽다
To be easy to... (+ verb)
하기 쉽다
to be easy to do
잊어버리기 쉽다
to be easy to forget
먹기 쉽다
to be easy to eat
사기 쉽다
to be easy to buy
-기 어렵다
to be difficult to... (+ verb)
하기 어렵다
to be difficult to do
찾기 어려워요.
It is difficult to find.
배우기 어려워요.
It is difficult to learn.
제 이름은 발음하기(가) 어려워요.
My name is difficult to pronounce. / As for my name, pronouncing it is difficult.
이건 만들기(가) 어려워요.
This is difficult to make / As for this, making it is difficult.
이건 어린이가 사용하기(에) 어려워요.
This is difficult for a child to use. / Using this is difficult for a child.
사용하기가 쉬워요.
It’s easy to use.
사용하기에 쉬워요.
Using it is easy. (easy FOR using)
하기(가) 편리 하다
to be convenient to do something
하기(에) 편리 하다
to be convenient for doing something
-기(가) 좋다
to be good to + V
-기(에) 좋다
to be good for + V-ing
-기(가) 불편하다
to be inconvenient to + V
-기(에) 불편하다
to be inconvenient for + V-ing