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Level 7 Lesson 17 / They say …/-(느)ㄴ대요/-(이)래요

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-는대요 / -이래요
endings added “They say ...”, “I hear that ...”, or how to re-tell someone what you’ve heard from someone else
뭐라고 했어요?
What did they say?
내일 온다고 했어요.
They said they would come tomorrow.
언제 온다고 했어요?
When did they say they would come?
이거 재미있다고 들었어요.
I heard that this is fun.
어제 만났대요.
I heard they met yesterday.
지금 간대요.
They say they are going now.
He says that he’s busy now.
She says that he’s a friend.
어제 만났대요.
I heard they met yesterday.
오늘 만난대요.
They say they are meeting today.
I heard she was sick.
She says she is sick.
They say they were students.
He says he was alone.
내일 만날 거래요.
He says he will meet them tomorrow.
추울 거래요.
They say it will be cold
마지막일 거래요.
They say it will be the last time.
이게 제일 좋대요
They say that this is the best.
여기 정말 유명하대요.
They say this place is really famous.
He says he didn’t know.
벌써 다 끝났대요
They say it has ended already.
어딘지 모른대요.
He says he doesn’t know where it is.
이 사람 정말 유명한 사람이래요.
They say this person is a very famous person.
친구가 내일 이사 간대요.
My friend says she’s moving tomorrow.
제 친구가 한국에 올 거래요.
My friend says he will come to Korea.
그 사람은 한국에 와 본 적이 없대요.
He says he’s never come to Korea.
효진 씨는 어제도 집에 안 갔대요.
They say Hyojin, once again, didn’t go home yesterday.