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Level 7 Lesson 18 / They say … / -(느)ㄴ다던데요/-(이)라던데

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제 친구가 지금 바빠요.
My friend is busy now.
제 친구가 지금 바쁘대요.
My friend says that she is busy now.
이게 제일 좋은 거예요.
This is the best one.
이게 제일 좋은 거래요.
They say that this is the best one.
- (는)다던데(요) -(이)라던데(요)
ending very similar to -(는)대(요) and -(이)래(요), but implies that you want some kind of reaction or response from the listener
지금 와요.
She’s coming now.
지금 온대요.
She says she’s coming now.
지금 온다던데요.
She says she’s coming now.
지금 온다는데요.
They are saying that they will come here now.
He’s famous.
그 사람 유명하대요.
They say he’s famous.
They say he’s famous.
유명하다던데요, 사인 받을까요?
They say he's famous, shall we get his autograph?
He is saying that she’s famous.
He’s a student.
He says he’s a student.
He says he’s a student. (+ (ex) What shall we do then?)
They say that they are students.
They are at a park. / It is a park.
They say they are at a park.
They said that they are at a park. (+ (ex) Shall we go there?)
They say that they are at a park.
여기 위험하다던데요.
I heard that this place is dangerous. (+ (ex) What do you think?)
혼자 갈 거라던데요.
She said she would go there alone. (+ (ex) Shall I talk to her again? / You can’t go with her.)
그 사람도 모른다던데요.
He said that he doesn’t know either. (+ (ex) So why keep asking him?)
벌써 다 끝났다던데요.
They said that it was already all over. (+ (ex) There was nothing I could do.)
한국에 겨울에 가면 많이 춥다던데요.
I heard that it’s very cold in Korea if you go there in winter. (+ (ex) Perhaps you should pack more clothes.)