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Level 7 Lesson 19 / Making reported questions / -냐

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verb ending used to make a reported question
Question related verb: To ask (not ...보다)
Question related verb: To ask (not 묻다)
Question related verb: To say
Question related verb: To ask a question
학생이냐고 물어봤어요.
They asked me if I was a student. / I asked her if she was a student.
뭐냐고 물어봤어요.
She asked what this is. / I asked what it is. / They asked what that is.
누가 그렇게 말했어요?
Who said so?
누가 그렇게 말했냐고 물었어요.
I asked who said so. / They asked who said such a thing.
몇 시에 올 거냐고 물어보세요.
Ask him what time he will come here.
왜 안 왔냐고 물어봤는데, 대답을 안 해요.
I asked him why he didn’t come here, but he won’t answer.
저한테 어디 가냐고 말했어요.
He asked me where I was going.
몇 살이냐고 물어봤어요.
He asked me how old I am.
저는 몇 살이냐고 물어보는 게 제일 싫어요.
I hate it the most when people ask me how old I am.
저도 가야 되냐고 물어봐 주세요.
Please ask them if I have to come along, too.