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Level 7 Lesson 20 / Sentence Building Drill 10

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어제 효진 씨를 만났는데...
I met Hyojin yesterday, and you know what...
어제 친구들이랑 영화를 봤는데
I saw a movie with my friends yesterday, and you know what,
저도 그 책 읽었는데
I read that book too, and you know what,
석진 씨한테 물어봤는데
I asked Seokjin, and you know what,
집에 가서 냉장고 문을 열었는데
I went home and opened the refrigerator door, and you know what,
머리를 빨간색으로 염색했더라고요
I saw that she had dyed her hair red.
사람이 정말 많더라고요.
(I saw that) there were so many people there.
이게 제일 좋더라고요.
(I know from my experience that) this one is the best.
정말 재미있더라고요.
I found it a lot of fun.
생각보다 어렵더라고요.
I found it more difficult than I had thought.
어제 효진 씨를 만났는데, 머리를 빨간색으로 염색했더라􏰀고요.
I met Hyojin yesterday and you know what, I saw that she had dyed her hair red.
일 끝난 다음에
after work finishes
책 다 읽은 다음에
after you finish reading (all of) the book
영화 본 다음에
after we watch the movie
이메일 답장 한 다음에
after I reply to the email
집에 간 다음에
after you go home
친구 만난대요
she says that she’s going to meet a friend
오늘 서울은 날씨가 춥대요.
I hear that the weather is cold in Seoul today.
경화 씨가 오늘 효진 씨 만날 거래요.
Kyung-hwa says that she will meet Hyojin today.
여기 스파게티 정말 맛있대요.
I hear that the spaghetti here is really delicious.
윤아 씨 오늘 바쁘대요
Yoona says that she’s busy today.
경화 씨는 일 끝난 다음에 친구 만난대요.
Kyung-hwa says she is going to meet her friends after her work finishes.
아무리 피곤해도
no matter how tired you are
아무리 어려워도
no matter how difficult it is
아무리 화가 나도
no matter how upset you are
날씨가 아무리 추워도
no matter how cold the weather is
책을 아무리 많이 읽어도
no matter how many books you read
지금 자면 안 돼요
you shouldn’t sleep now
이거 잃어버리면 안 돼요
you shouldn’t lose this
혼자 가면 안 돼요
you shouldn’t go there alone
늦으면 안 돼요
you shouldn’t be late
술 너무 많이 마시면 안 돼요
you shouldn’t drink too much alcohol
아무리 피곤해도 지금 자면 안 돼요.
No matter how tired you are, you shouldn’t sleep now.