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석진 씨 지금 여기 없잖아요.
Don’t you see that Seokjin is not here now?
오늘 일요일이잖아요.
Come on, it’s Sunday.
Come on, it’s good. / Isn’t it good?
Come on, they say it’s good. / Come on, they say they like it.
여기 없잖아요.
Don’t you see he’s not here?
여기 없다잖아요.
Didn’t you hear them say he’s not here?
혼자 가잖아요.
You know I go there alone.
혼자 간다잖아요.
Don’t you hear me saying that I’m going there alone?
친구 만날 거잖아요
You know he will meet a friend.
친구 만날 거라잖아요.
Come on, he says he will meet a friend.
싫다잖아요. 하지 마세요.
She says she doesn’t like it. (you know) Don’t do it.
효진 씨 지금 바쁘다잖아요.
Come on, Hyojin says she is busy now. / Didn’t you hear Hyojin saying she’s busy now?
실수였다잖아요. 용서해 줘요.
He says it was a mistake. Forgive him (please).
아니라잖아요. 왜 그 사람 말을 안 믿어요?
Don’t you hear him saying it’s not true? Why do you not believe what he says?
You see? He says it’s true!