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보나마나, 이상할 거예요.
No matter whether you see it or not, (I’m sure) it will be strange.
You don’t even have to look at it. What you will see is fixed.
물어보나마나 안 된다고 할 거예요.
Whether you ask them or not, they will certainly say no.
하나마나 똑같아요.
No matter whether you do it or not, the result is the same.
이야기를 하나마나 하나도 달라지는 게 없어요.
No matter whether you talk to him or not, nothing changes.
보나마나 제가 일등이에요.
No need to see. I’m the 1st place winner.
이 책은 읽으나마나예요.
This book is worthless to read.
읽으나마나 한 책
A useless book