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은 데다가 / 는 데다가
“in addition to + V-ing” or “on top of + V-ing”
to be pretty
예쁜 데다가
in addition to being pretty
to be busy
바쁜 데다가
in addition to being busy
to be expensive
비싼 데다가
in addition to being expensive
석진 씨는 잘생긴 데다가 키도 커요.
In addition to being handsome, Seokjin is also tall.
효진 씨는 똑똑한 데다가 공부도 열심히 해요.
In addition to being smart, Hyojin studies hard too.
경은 씨는 예쁜 데다가 성격도 좋아요.
In addition to being pretty, Kyeong-eun also has a nice personality.
이 식당은 시끄러운 데다가 맛도 없어요.
In addition to being noisy, this restaurant’s food is also not good.
경화 씨는 친구가 많은 데다가 하는 일도 많아서 만나기 어려워요.
In addition to having a lot of friends, Kyung-hwa also does lots of things, so it’s difficult to meet her.