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평화라는 것은...
(I think that) Peace is...
우정이라는 것은...
(In my opinion, the nature of) Friendship is...
(ᄂ/는)다는 것
means “the thing that is called + Verb” and it is used to express what you think the definition or the nature of a certain action/ state/verb.
to learn
배운다는 것
the act of learning
배운다는 것은 언제나 즐거운 일이에요.
Learning is always a pleasant thing to do.
to live
산다는 것
the act of living, life
외국에 산다는 것은 가끔 힘들 때도 있어요.
The nature of living overseas is that there are sometimes hard times.
혼자 공부한다는 것은 생각만큼 쉽지 않아요.
Studying alone is not as easy as you think.
주말에도 회사에 가야 한다는 건 정말 슬픈 일이에요.
Having to go to work on the weekend (too) is so sad.
아이를 키운다는 건 참 힘든 일이에요.
Raising a child is very tough.
한국에서 유명한 가수가 된다는 건 정말 어려운 일이에요.
Becoming a famous singer in Korea is a very difficult thing.
장학금을 받는다는 것은 정말 대단한 일이에요.
Receiving scholarship is (an) amazing (achievement).