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Level 7 Lesson 30 / Sentence Building Drill 11

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다른 사람들한테 물어보나마나
(regardless of) whether you ask other people or not
확인해 보나마나
(regardless of) whether you check or not
거기까지 가나마나
(regardless of) whether you go all the way there or not
열심히 하나마나
(regardless of) whether you work hard on it or not
사진을 많이 찍으나마나
(regardless of) whether you take a lot of photos or not
제가 맞다고 할 거예요.
They will say that I am right.
이게 제일 좋다고 했어요.
They said that this is the best one.
어렵지 않다고 했어요.
They said that it is not difficult.
혼자 간다고 했어요.
He said that he would go there alone.
바쁘다고 할 거예요.
They will say that they are busy.
다른 사람들한테 물어보나마나, 제가 맞다고 할 거예요.
Even if you ask other people, they will say I am right.
이건 계속 연습하기만 하면
as long as you keep practicing this,
중간에 그만두다
to quit in the middle
중간에 그만두지만 않으면
as long as you don’t quit in the middle
사람들이 계속 봐 주기만 하면
as long as people keep watching it
손님이 계속 오기만 하면
as long as customers keep coming
멀리 가지만 않으면
as long as you don’t go far
잘하게 되어 있어요.
You are bound to get better at it.
사람들이 알게 되어 있어요.
People will surely find out eventually.
다시 만나게 되어 있어요.
You are bound to meet again.
돌아오게 되어 있어요.
They will come back for sure.
to be solved
해결되게 되어 있어요.
It is bound to be solved.
이건 계속 연습하기만 하면 잘하게 되어 있어요.
As long as you keep practicing this, you are bound to get good at it.
여기는 날씨도 추운 데다가
on top of being cold, this place ...
요즘 시간도 없는 데다가
these days, on top of having no time,
아직 숙제를 다 못 한 데다가
I haven’t finished all my homework yet, and on top of that,
어제 늦게 잠든 데다가
I went to sleep late yesterday, and in addition to that
영어를 잘하는 데다가
on top of speaking English well,
물가도 비싼 편이에요
The prices are rather high, too.
키도 큰 편이에요.
He is also quite tall.
분위기도 좋은 편이에요
The atmosphere is also pretty nice.
일도 잘하는 편이에요.
He is quite good at what he does, too.
중국어도 잘하는 편이에요.
She speaks fairly good Chinese, as well.
여기는 날씨도 추운 데다가, 물가도 비싼 편이에요.
On top of being cold, here, the prices are rather high too.