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Level 8 Lesson 3 / right after + V-ing / -기가 무섭게,

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-기가 무섭게
When you say that something happens right after you do something, or even “as” you are doing it, you can say "verb + this ending"
수업이 끝나기가 무섭게
as soon as the class ended
말이 끝나기가 무섭게
as soon as he finished talking
-기가 바쁘게
ending almost always interchangeable with -기가 무섭게
문을 열기가 바쁘게
as soon as I opened the doors
밥을 다 먹기가 바쁘게
as soon as he finished eating
아침에 눈을 뜨기가 무섭게 집에서 나왔어요.
As soon as I woke up in the morning, I left the house.
문을 열기가 무섭게 손님들이 들어왔어요.
As soon as we opened the door, customers came in.
음식이 주문하기가 무섭게 나왔어요.
The food came out as soon as we ordered it.
수업이 끝나기가 무섭게 학생들이 교실 밖으로 나갔어요.
The students left the classroom as soon as the class was over.
사람들은 공연이 끝나기가 무섭게 밖으로 나갔어요
As soon as the performance was over, people went outside.