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verb ending that you states that you “used to” do or be something
간 곳
a place that you went to before
가던 곳
a place I used to go to
본 영화
a movie that I watched before
보던 영화
a movie I watched before but didn't finish
어제 보던 영화
the movie that I was watching yesterday (but didn't finish)
읽던 책
a book that I started reading but didn't finish
먹던 케잌
a cake that I started eating but didn't finish
마시던 커피
coffee that you started drinking but didn't finish
used to be pretty
used to be small
used to be expensive
예전에 제가 자주 가던 곳이에요.
I used to frequently go to this place in the past. / It’s a place that I often used to go to before.
예뻤던 경은 씨가 지금은...
Kyeong-eun, who used to be pretty, is now...
작년에는 키가 작았던 석진 씨가 지금은 키가 커요.
Seokjin, who used to be short last year, is now tall.
친했던 친구들이 지금은 다 외국에 살아요.
The friends I used to be close to are all living overseas now.
지난 주에 이야기하던 거예요.
This is what we were talking about last week. (but didn't finish)