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-(으)ㄹ 거예요
basic future tense
살 거예요.
I (or someone else) will buy it.
줄 거예요.
I (or someone else) will give (something to someone).
basic future tense (looking for reaction / as a reaction)
I will check (look).
I will wait.
(을) 계획이에요
future tense ending that means you means you plan to do something or you are planning to do something
to translate
번역할 계획이에요
I’m planning to translate.
이 책을 번역할 계획이에요
I'm planning to translate this book.
to move to a different spot
옮길 계획이에요
I’m planning to move (something to a different spot).
-(으)ㄹ 예정이에요
future tense ending that means you are scheduling something
to begin, to be started
시작될 예정이에요
It is scheduled to begin; It is going to start.
이 공연은 10분후에 시작될 예정이에요
This performance is scheduled to start after 10 minutes.
to visit (formal)
방문할 예정이에요
I am scheduled to visit; It’s in his schedule to visit.
-(을) 것 같아요
future tense ending for "I think"
곧 도착하다
to arrive soon
곧 도착할 것 같아요
I think we’ll arrive soon.
잘 되다
to go well
잘 될 것 같아요
I think it will go well.
-(으)ㄹ지도 몰라요
ending added to mean that you MIGHT do something or something MIGHT happen
안 가다
to not go
안 갈지도 몰라요.
I might not go.
-(으)ㄹ까 생각 중이에요
added to verb stem to mean “I am thinking” or “I am in the middle of a thought”
일본어를 배우다
to learn Japanese
일본어를 배울까 생각 중이에요.
I’m thinking of learning Japanese.
-(으)ㄹ까 해요
has the same meaning as -(으)ᄅ까 생각 중이에요 (shortened)
일본어를 배울까 해요.
I’m thinking of learning Japanese.
집에 갈까 해요.
I’m thinking of going home.
-(으)려고 해요
used after verb stems to express one’s intention to do something or when something seems about to occur
포스터가 떨어지다
the poster falls off
포스터가 떨어지려고 해요
The poster is about to fall off.