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Level 8 Lesson 19 / even if I would have to, even

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-는 한이 있더라도
structure used when you want to say “even if that means I have to...” or “even if I end up ...-ing ...”
나중에 후회하는 한이 있더라도...
Even if that means we will regret it later...
다치는 한이 있더라도...
Even if I might end up getting injured...
지는 한이 있더라도...
Even if we might end up losing...
무대에서 쓰러지는 한이 있더라도 공연을 취소할 수는 없어요.
Even if it means I might collapse on the stage, we can’t cancel the performance.
여행 계획을 다 취소하는 한이 있더라도 지금 수술을 받아야 돼요.
Even if that means we have to cancel all the travel plans, you need to get this surgery now.
회사를 그만두는 한이 있더라도 할 말은 해야겠어요.
Even if I end up quitting the company because of this, I have to say what I have to say.
약속에 많이 늦는 한이 있더라도 화장은 꼭 하고 가야 돼요.
Even if I might end up being very late for the appointment, I must put my make-up on before I go.
금방 고장나서 버리는 한이 있더라도 일단 사야겠어요.
Even though this might end up breaking and I’ll have to throw it away soon, I have to buy it now (and think about it later).