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Level 9 Lesson 3 / Advanced Situational Expression

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오늘 기분이 너무 안 좋아요.
I’m feeling terrible today. / I’m so upset today
지금 그럴 기분 아니에요.
I’m in no mood to do that now.
지금 이야기할 기분 아니에요. 말 시키지 마세요.
I’m not in the mood to talk now. Please leave me alone.
진짜 열 받는 일이 있었어요.
Something really upsetting happened. / I’m so upset now because of what happened earlier
사람이 어떻게 그래요?
How can someone be so mean? / How can they do that to me?
진짜 어이가 없네.
I don’t even know what to say. I’m so mad.
저 지금 너무 화 나는데 참고 있는 거예요.
I’m so upset now but I’m trying not to show it.
진짜 속상해요.
I’m so upset. / I’m so sad.
너무 서운해요.
I’m so disappointed.
이번에는 믿고 있었는데 완전 실망했어요.
I trusted them this time but I am really disappointed.